Bitter Leaves - Rocco Rorandelli

Published in September 2019
165×240 mm
144 pages
62 color images, 5 infographics
Hardback, cloth covered, tipped in image
ISBN 978-1-910401-36-1
GOST publishing


“I have witnessed how tobacco promotes the stripping of farmlands, threatens workers with dangerous chemicals, exploits child labor and undocumented workers, utilizes aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at identifying new customers (mostly underage), and conducts heavy lobbying to promote its expansion to novel markets and social strata.” Rocco Rorandelli


Over the course of 10 years, photographer Rocco Rorandelli, travelled to India, China, Indonesia, USA, Germany, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Slovenia and Italy to document the impact of the tobacco industry on health, the economy and the environment. In Bitter Leaves, the resulting photographs are presented alongside texts by scientist Dr Judith MacKay, collectively examining the complexity of this global industry and the influence of corporate mechanisms and power. Cigarettes are one of the most marketed consumer products in history. Their apparent simplicity and design – tobacco leaves, paper and filter – hides both the chemical toxicity of smoke, and the socio-economic and environmental negative aspects linked to their production, marketing and use. Rorandelli’s thorough investigation of the industry led him from the tobacco fields to medical centers, auction floors, factories, museums and customs facilities, to elucidate the vast web of the industry and the human and environmental burden.

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LAND INC. - TerraProject

"Land Inc." book video from TerraProject Photographers.


We are pleased to present “Land Inc.”, a book that traces a photographic journey across Brazil, Dubai, Ethiopia, Indonesia, Madagascar, the Philippines and Ukraine to document land grabbing and the growing investments in industrial farming.

The book is published by Editions Intervalles in English and French editions, and the written contributions by journalist Cécile Cazenave, who interviewed seven experts to help understand the story behind this phenomenon.

Curated and designed by Mónica Santos, includes infographics by Studioburo and a preface by José Bové; cooperative PictureTank and Philippe Deblauwe had an active role in supporting and coordinating the production of the book.

Photographs: TerraProject
Texts and editorial direction: Cécile Cazenave
Artistic direction and graphic design: Mónica Santos
Preface: José Bové
Infographics: Studioburo

Edition Intervalles, 2016

17x24cm (6,7x9,4 in)
158 pages
English edition
68 images
Printed at Anel Gráfica (Grenade, Spain) on Cyclus Print 100% recycled paper


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HOTEL IMMAGINE - Simone Donati

Hotel Immagine video.
From politics to religion, going from music, sport and television, between 2009 and 2015 Simone Donati crossed his country in search of myths and icons of the Italian contemporary imaginary. This project provides a glimpse into the Italian society with an ironic but also purely documentary look.
The resulting book contains a selection of 48 images with the addition of phrases taken from Facebook groups of the various situations photographed. Writer Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner) in the afterword gives an opinion on the subject and he also comments on the Facebook phrases.

Photographs: Simone Donati
Graphic design: Emanuele Poli -
Afterword: Daniele Rielli (Quit the Doner)
Self published, 2015
First edition, 750 copies
14.8 x 21 cm (5.8 x 8.3 in)
Hardcover, 128 pages
Italian and English language
Offset printing
ISBN: 978-88-909573-1-4
In the press:

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MEMORANDUM - TerraProject

To celebrate our 10th anniversary we had an idea: what if, instead of searching for other stories and people, we return to those we have already got to know in the past?

We present MEMORANDUM, a journey in our archive and in our country, a journal of images and texts, trying to measure the passing of time, through the lives of those who we have met.

Nine people, nine stories linked to some of the events that have characterized the recent past of our country. Their lives and their impact is recounted with a text with our views on photography, on time, of our relationship with those who we meet during our travels.
A collective dedication and passion for a slow way to do photography.

The publication includes photos, text and captions, both in Italian and English

Photographs and texts: TerraProject
Graphic design: Discipula

Self published, 2016
First edition of 500 copies
34x25 cm (13x10 in)
Fedrigoni GSK paper for the envelope
Fedrigoni Freelife Vellum and Sirio Pearl papers for the magazine and insert
Italian and English language
Offset printing at Rotostampa, Rome


ISBN: 978-88-909573-2-1

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"QUATTRO" series - limited edition prints

TerraProject now gives you the possibility of purchasing prints from its collective work "Quattro - Four".

The images, taken during the 2007 - 2011 period, represent a vision of the Italian landscape catalyzed by the collective writing practice of the group.

The series includes 40 limited edition prints (5+1) on fine art Canson paper - 50x50 cm size - mounted on 0.5 mm forex and hand made white wooden box frames - total of 52x52 cm size.

You can preview and choose the images here.


For more information, and to communicate which print you've chosen, please email us at

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